Camera Calibration

ADAS technology is a new safety feature often fitted into the roof of a car with a camera which focuses out the windscreen. It brings features such as automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warnings.

As a vehicle manufacturer requirement, ADAS with a forward-looking camera will require recalibration after a windscreen replacement, accident repairs, suspension work, wheel alignment or basically any time the positioning or height of a vehicle may have been adjusted. As a part of our promise to keep up with technology, we have the latest windscreen camera calibration technology system installed in our factory. Using this system ensures when your vehicle has work has done, all of your technology will perform as it should when you drive out the door. So even if you are not having work done on your auto glass, don’t leave anything to chance, using Roy’s means the work is done properly and your vehicle glass technology will do what it should… keep you safe. Call us on 03 9792 1997 to book your appointment.